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tv   ABC 7 News at 1100AM  ABC  February 20, 2012 11:00am-11:30am PST

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closed captioning by closed captioning services,inc good morning i'm eric thomas in for kristen sze. and i'm cheryl jennings. westbound upper deck reopened more than 24 hours ahead of schedule following work related to the new eastern span. >> reporter: it has been smooth sailing all morning on the top deck you can see now there's not that many vehicles passing over that top deck on this president's day. this reopening is something some motorists are yet to hear about with signs broadcast the early reopening of the bay
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bridge to drivers heading into san francisco from oakland. a completed construction one day ahead of schedule is still news to drivers. have you heard it has been reopened? >> no. >> reporter: they did finish ahead of schedule. >> great for the people. cut down on traffic and make it easier to get over there >> reporter: friday night crews began squeezing traffic with the last car passing over-the-top deck at 8 p.m. in what was scheduled to be a three day partial closure. caltrans repeated repaving and demolition work. the partial closure created a crush of traffic. it was especially bad at the golden gate bridge, 40% more cars than usual drove over causing delays of more than an hour in both directions. by sunday crews completed their projects an allowing for the early reopening. >> thanks to great team work, great support by motorists and great weather, the bay bridge is going to open tonight.
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>> reporter: 7 p.m. last night crews started collecting traffic cones. by 7:15 chp led drivers over the bridge more than a day head of schedule. on this president's day traffic continued through the morning easily. >> we thought we might go to the city ale>w see the museums with the kids. might get in quicker before everybody else wakes up and sees the news and sees that the bridge is open. >> reporter: drivers going over this new paving project will notice a new s-curve on the westbound approach caltrans is asking people to take it they see is part of the ongoing construction of a new two mile span slated to open next year and also when the next bridge closure is scheduled. oakland police officer is on administrative leave this morning while detectives look into request why he opened fire, wounding a suspect late
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last night when the officer shot a man in the 2000 block of 62nd avenue. katie marzullo is live at police headquarters with details. >> reporter: it is early in the investigation and it is a sensitive investigation, major crimes unit and internal affairs are investigating. oakland land police not revealing much. it was a -- shooting that happened 11:45 last night. an officer went to pull over a vehicle and a passenger got out and ran at some point the officer realized that man had a gun and opened fire. we don't know how many time the officer fired or where the suspect was shot. with we do know the suspect never fired -- we do know the suspect never fired his gun. >> what we do know is we have one officer involved in the shooting and we have one suspect who was shot, the suspect was armed with way fire . -- with a firearm listed in
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stable condition. can't go into details about what led up to the shooting that is part of the investigation. >> reporter: as you heard, the man is expected to be okay. his weapon was recovered by officers. the orange passenger and driver with were naught to be vol -- the original passenger and driver were thought to be involved in a robbery. police saying that is part of the investigation. as far as the officer they are not revealing his or her identity nor how long that officer has been on the force. the person is on administrative leave which is standard procedure. the police department is still looking for the driver and the car involved in the orpblgs incident. katie marzullo, abc7 news. livermore police are searching for vandals who used a launching device to hurl big rocks at homes, cars and mailboxes, nine incidents were reported. all the attacks happened saturday between the hours of 1 and 2:00 in the morning in one case a rock ended up in a
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wall next to a child's crib, fortunately, nobody was injured. police released a picture of a car leaving a scene of a vandalized home. if you have seen the car you are asked to call the livermore police. with we have their number on our website under see it on tv. federal and local authorities are trying to determine what lead to a midair collision near the contra costa county border. luckily the pilots suffered no serious injuries. this happened after 7:00 last night a helicopter and plane collided in the air above the rio vista airport. the helicopter landed hard in a field near sherman island. the pilot of the plane attempted to make it to the airport and crashed short of the runway. both pilots walked way from the crash. in san jose investigators trying figure out what caused a fire that heavily damaged a tattoo parlor this morning. the fire broke out before 5:00
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this morning the second floor of the building was the most damaged. occupied by lucky star too. nobody was inside at the time and no injuries were reported. new twist in sheriff ross mirkarimi's domestic violence case. the chronicle reports the attorney for his with wife eliana lopez with will now argue that lopez confided in her neighbor only because she thought ivory madison was an attorney who could offer advice. madison called police about the abuse accusations. lopez's attorney says anything her client said should be barred as evidence under the attorney/client rule. the neighbor isazvc!
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. >> one time i took 18 ibuprofen and ended up getting sick. times i felt alone and the school wouldn't do anything. >> reporter: individually, they all have heart breaking stories of being bullied and feeling alone. >> it made me hate myself. and i was really really angry for a long, longtime. >> reporter: these teens have realized that as a group they have power. 14-year-old jonah got a sense of that power when he posted this video on youtube. ♪ ♪ ♪
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>> reporter: more than seven million have now viewed it. these teenagers want to do something about bullying. 19-year-old britney of new york is proposing a federal law that would define bullying and make it a hate crime. >> for those who push people to the brink of suicide they need to be held accountable. >> reporter: these teens also want to hold a march in october they want lady gaga and president obama to attend. they say it is not easy-going out on this limb and talking about what has happened to them. they think doing so could save lives. >> i real -- it is a good cause and something like i've felt for a long time that i've not been able to speak up. it is something good for other teens who are feeling that way. >> reporter: they are hoping that lady gaga will perform here at the bill graham auditorium, that 10,000
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teenagers will come to hear her and come on to the streets and march against bullying. they are planning this for october. amy hollyfield, abc7 news. still ahead, the historic event 50 years ago that changed the u.s. space program as we know it. also, a deadly autopsy in washington state. the -- deadly i have an in washington state. an unpopular president's day present that should have l
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four american service members were killed after a plane crashed in africa military says the crash happened 8:00 saturday night in djibouti. initial indications that are hostile fire was not to blame. the plane was conducting an intelligence surveillance and reconnaissance mission. it had just returned from a mission in support of the war in cavafter weather -- in afghanistan. the cause is under investigation. the skiing community in washington state is mourning the loss of three of their own killed in an autopsy. tr -- killed in an avalanche. they were at stevens pass resort out of seattle yesterday. one skier survived thanks to the safety air bag. >> when you pull the lever it ends up there's a nitrogen cartridge and it deploys this air bag to fill up with air. >> the three people killed are identified as jim jax, a world tour official. chris rudolph, marketing
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director and skier john brennan. the fatalities were part of a deadly sunday on washington's ski slopes. a male snowboarder was killed at another ski area east of seattle. at noon today friends of one of the last known survivors of the 1906 earthquake and fire will gather to remember her at a san francisco restaurant. rose died in santa rosa saturday at the age of 109. this is video of rose in 2009 at jack's grill at the ceremony for the anniversary of the quake where a fellow -- she was only 3-years-old when that quake hit in 1906, one of five known quake survivors. today's gathering -- iran's decision to halt oil exports to britain and france is driving up the cost of crude. prices at a nine month high
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moving up to $105 a barrel having a direct impact on the pump. in the last month price have soared 18 cents a gallon the highest it has been this time of year. right now the national average is $3.53 experts say that could climb in late april and we could hit $5 a gallon by memorial day. >> a lot of gas prices will be tied to the economy if with we continue to see improvements gasoline prices will likely remain at elevated levels. >> we are definitely feeling the pain here in oakland you are paying about $3.99 in san jose, $4. in san francisco $4.06 per gallon. following breaking news chp and police are chasing that vehicle that failed to stop the chase is racing up northbound 101 in sunnyvale. >> the chase starred in livermore when the driver refused to stop.
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-- there are early reports the vehicle may be stolen. you see it is towing something that may be a generator. we are following this breaking story and will buy more as we get it. police staying well back. >> we'll have this on meteorologist mike nicco ahead with the forecast. still clouds so far dry. with we'll talk about how temperatures are going to remain below average will rebound to 70s, possibly 80s over the next couple of days. plus, 10,000 for 25 billion how visiting an app store can make you richer.
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you can see
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sky 7 continuing to follow breaking news on highway 101 in mountain view. police vehicles chasing that white pick-up truck towing the trailer that vehicle has failed to stop. we know the chase started near 680 in livermore quarter to 11 when the driver refused to stop for police. there are early reports the vehicle may be stolen this is
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not a high speed chase this is rather slow on the freeway although it continues to go on. we are following it as are the police who are staying well back as you can see and we'll bring you more on the story as we get it. spike strip looks like they flu out a spike strip don't know if it got to the tire -- threw out a spike strip don't know if it got to the tires. he's still going at the relatively moderate speed. police continuing to stay away, well back of this once again there are reports this may have been stolen, this struck. we'll bring you more as the news becomes with available. listen to this, apple is about to hit major landmark and it is going to mean a lot of money to one lucky customer. on apple's with website marking the up in of apps
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customers have downloaded it is about to hit 25 billion. apple says whoever downloads that 25 billionth app will be given a $10,000 app store gift card. >> to buy more apps? >> to buy more stuff. >> okay. >> wow! >> i usually buy the 99 cent apps. that's great. >> let's take a look at forecast. we see from the police chase things are dry. >> thankfully for that chase. good morning. here's a live look up at heavenly no new snow expected this week. i hear it is ski week for some lucky school districts. mine's not. kids will be back at school tomorrow, kind of a good thing too. back at home a include of cloud cover, pockets of -- home a lot of cloud cover,
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pockets of sunshine. this is the coolest afternoon in the seven day forecast cycle. you can see a few light rain showers up north near crescent city and eureka that's where they are going to stay. the system that is creating those is creating clouds still 48 san rafael the rest of us low to mid 50s monterey bay and inland mid to upper 50s. sunny pockets today, cooler than average, warming trend tomorrow through friday cooler this weekend, it will also remain dry. as far as today compared to average all of us should be in the low to mid 60s, instead where he in the low to mid 50s. san jose 7, napa eight degrees cooler than average sun will set at 5:54 with the cloud deck send pictures in. here's a look at what is going on today we don't have much
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warming left mid to upper 50s with pockets of sunshine. same around the monterey bay mid to upper 50s, we may stretch to 60 as you head inland to gilroy. the rest of the state, rain staying up to the north tahoe little sun and 42, mostly cloudy through the central valley, mid 50s, around 60° stray shower possible down south. tule fog in the central valley, mostly cloudy for the rest of us here around the bay upper 30s to mid 40s inland mid to upper 40s bay shore to the coast. low dropping down to the south is going to stay away from us take in all the rain look at temperatures, 8 to 14° warmer by thursday. we have an update on that big high speed chase. >> the white pick-up truck police were following pulled off the freeway, right here we saw a man inside jump out of the truck and then run.
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there must be somebody else in there, as you can see the truck continues to go. at least one person inside jumped out and ran into what appears to be a parking structure. right now the police chase continues with police pulling up closer to the vehicle. other units looking for the person who was inside who just dove out of the passenger's side of the truck and took off running across several lanes of traffic. >> eric saw them throwing a spike stick looks as throw the front tires are flat but the truck keeps going. we did see the one guy jump out of the passenger's side and get up and takeoff. there is going to be a search for him. other news of the day, today marks the 50th anniversary of one of nasa's most historic events. this day a half century ago john glenn became the first american to orbit the earth, three times in five hours onboard the spacecraft that
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was a culmination of three years of intense planning and training it had been rescheduled 11 times. >> i guess i've recalled it often over the past 50 years that has kept it fresh. i was such an impressive thing at the time that it is imprinted on my memory, i can recall those days very well. >> that mission did not go flawlessly the capsule's heat shield began to tear away on reentry that sent fireballs flying past windows. the spacecraft's automated steering system jammed forcing glen to manually steer back to earth. amazing. we are going back to that shot now of the police chase that has just ended we believe this is east pavement, the truck has stopped. the -- east palo alto, the truck has stopped. police are ordering the driver to step out this is what they call a felony stop he will be asked to walk backwards
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towards them until an officer comes out to cuff the gentleman. three minutes ago we saw a passenger dive out and run into a parking structure. we don't know what happened to him. we will update you as we learn more. >> this was a stolen vehicle, we are still checking on that. this pick-up truck was towing something. we'll up abababababababababababab
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you're looking at the aftermath of a police chase that started 45 minutes ago and ended in east palo alto with the arrest of three people. >> that will do it for us, join us at 4
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